Entry #1

Thanks for checking out my Newgrounds profile page.

2009-04-20 03:10:46 by JonCJG

Check my blog at http://joncjg.blogspot.com/ for information regarding upcoming flash projects!



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2009-04-20 03:11:55



2009-04-20 03:29:16



2009-04-20 11:33:58

I def like the new profile designs, looking forward to the flash animation.


2009-04-20 11:54:04

that remix wuz awesome dude luvin ur machinima series btw :D


2009-04-20 12:52:36

wow,you got a NG page. fucking awesome.


2009-04-20 16:43:17

Make an Arby 'n' Chief flash and I will give you credit, my friend.

Any other flash will get credit.


2009-04-20 17:21:02


not really.
Yer vids are t3h epix.


2009-04-20 17:45:56

Could you give a hint of what to expect from the flash game you are working on?


2009-04-20 18:27:08

welcome to newgrounds, jon. i hope u have a good time here.


2009-04-20 20:20:54

I am the pikachu. Your muffins are forfeit


2009-04-21 01:14:18

Glad you're moving things in this direction, Jon. You do a lot of work with machinima and it really seemed as if the youtube community (of little boys) constricted you, especially their thoughts on your work.

Branching out to newgrounds will only help you, both creatively and internally.
Always move from within, especially the creative parts of you.

Best of luck for the future- it's looking up for ya man. Peace.


2009-04-21 11:33:07

You do realise that your sanity will be affected if you stay on NG for too long. Most of the guys on the forum could be mistaken for Master Chief.

But welcome, man who releases great stuff on Machinima.com on a regular basis.


2009-04-21 11:40:46

Hey Jon. Glad to see your broadening your horizons. I look forward to see what you can do in flash.


2009-04-21 13:50:46

is the day of the living phalluses a FPS or an arcade?


2009-04-21 17:44:50

Yo, why you doin' flash animations now? All the people who are into makin' flash animations are: stoners, fat 14 year olds, fat 14 year olds <em>with</em> a hentai fetish and experience social awkwardness, goths/emos, douche bags, and you... unless you fit in one of those categorize... are you a fat 14 year old with a hentai fetish and experience social awkwardness? ROFL, so yeah... I <3 newgrounds and all and it's makers... but why you? You are a respectable machinimator, are you jumping ship because u dun <3 machinima? u pissed at the changes of YouTube? Or since machinima's audiance is low compared to Newground's and it's flash animation? Or you can haz more $$$ with newgrounds? I hope you just don't disregard this message as you do with others' but I see, you don't want to deal with multiple people asking you ridiculous questions "cun i haz rec0nz plzzzzzzzz?" Just makin' a statement/question with a little bit of humor in it... hope you find this as a valid point/question... and not some douche spamming you.


2009-04-21 22:52:43

Hey, Jon, I just wanted you to know that I think it's awesome that you have a NewGrounds. Your Machinimas rock; with the exception of "Resident Evil 5 Is Racist" and "Abnormality". Arby 'n' the Chief, Hard Justice, MegaMan Goes to Willamette were awesome, though. I'm gonna have to say that "Final Moments" was some of your best work.

I'm subscribing to you on YouTube, following you on Twitter, and check your blog daily. You rock, Jon. I thought I'd post this simply because this might be the only way I can contact you, at the moment.



2009-04-22 02:08:45

You guys are dumb, this isn't even the real Jon, this is just some idiot pretending to be funny and cause idiots like you guys to believe this. Digitalph33r was making fun of it on his blog, no one understands sarcasm anymore. Believe what you want, however be warned that believeing in this is just making you look like a bigger idiot.


2009-04-22 06:37:37

I lol'd at your profile picture. It's expression is priceless. Anyway, can't wait to see this flash game you're developing. It will more than likely be pretty snazzy.

Also, do you really hate your Machinima's that much? I quite like most of them.


2009-04-22 22:17:26

Welcome, to the dark side!


2009-04-23 00:06:18

Hello jon, I do believe you have a gamertag called thefiercediety


2009-04-23 16:38:38

is it macromedia flash, im doin one of those!! :)


2009-04-24 03:21:24

Welcome to newgrounds and in Flash project ;)
You should try Arby 'n' Chief flash video, oh well, Im waiting for your flash project to be released :)

Cheers mate!


2009-04-26 19:11:45

John is on NG, interesting.......


2009-04-26 21:14:27

Wow, never thought I would see you as a flash artist, nevertheless, I could probably expect great things from the guy who made Master Chief Sucks at Halo ;)


2009-04-29 07:36:02

If you can handle youtube comments Jon you can DEFINITELY handle NG comments. Literally half the people on the forums are just clones of master chief. Well anyways have a good one can't wait to see your next work.


2009-04-29 20:35:06

I bet he he's already been scared away from newgrounds.


2009-05-02 02:26:17

welcome to newgrounds jon, home of the strawberry.........in clock form *!BAZANG!*


2009-05-03 00:28:54

You any good with Flash Jon? What king of things do you plan on making?

Good call with that Gerudo Valley and Sonic 2 Boss Theme Remixes! You've restored my faith in the Audio Portal. Now to find some H-L song remixes.

Keep up the good work, Jon. Don't let the stress get ya.


2009-05-03 19:27:59

Can't wait for you're flash game! Keep on workin'!


2009-05-03 23:24:53

This weeks house is supposed to be sick :D


2009-05-11 02:43:36

hey man, you gonna put new arby n the chief videos soon? or 'Hard Justice videos?


2009-05-11 04:07:01

Every time someone asks about your machinima, I'm going to masturbate.
Startiiiiing NOW.


2009-05-11 08:33:15

It's so great to see you on newgrounds Jon, I have been a long time fan of Arby & the chief, you're a brilliant director!
Looking forward to seeing your future works also! ^^


2009-05-12 16:07:28



2009-05-15 13:05:48

Shit, you got a NG account xD


2009-05-25 21:17:00

Hi, Jon. First comment in 10 days XD.


2009-05-25 22:59:26

Holy shit Jon's got a NG's Page!


2009-06-20 21:04:14

looking forward to some awesome flash


2009-06-21 14:05:25

I think its about time Jon starts with something new.
And he has grown up a little for exmple; changing his name from Digitalph33r to Jon CJG. (cjg being probably his middel name and last name)

Keep up the good work Jon.

- A dude from Norway.



2009-06-23 18:06:18

Love your work, man!


2009-06-30 22:13:28

Hey whats up!

I'm super happy that your coming to New Grounds and cant wait to see what flashes you have in store for us!

I also wanted to let you know you should upload some of your other works as well build up a fan-base with the people who have never seen anything you have done before that way more people will see your awesome work.

Also one small note with newgrounds there are DOZENS of flash makers that will help you out making your stuff from some animation to voice acting for you.

Your #4 best fan...JokersSword.


2009-07-03 06:50:31

Have a great vacation and all that!


2009-07-03 23:17:37

Arby and the Chief is fucking terrible. You should have quit after you made your 500th dick joke.


2009-07-04 21:37:44

awsome u got a ng page


2009-07-08 17:46:01

you noob > : ( jk


2009-07-14 21:05:49

Gotta know those cock jocks came from somewhere.


2009-07-15 21:59:17

zomg It's teh Creator of Hard Justice and Arby n' the Chief.
/kneels before him
Lol fuck you man
/Spartan Laser headshot him
But seriously John, great work with your videos, and here's to hoping your flash are as good, or better


2009-08-18 22:52:37

hey i think its cool you have a newgrounds profile, oh and would i be a dick if i asked to play halo sometime


2009-08-22 15:34:53

you are a machinima god.....you inspired me to put 1337 gai on my liscence plate.


2009-08-27 05:35:31

It's interesting to see how many newgrounders hate youtube, as some great stuff has come out of it. Just because youtube is more famous doesn't mean you have to hate it and call the community children. I think it's mostly jealousy.