Entry #1

Thanks for checking out my Newgrounds profile page.

2009-04-20 03:10:46 by JonCJG

Check my blog at http://joncjg.blogspot.com/ for information regarding upcoming flash projects!



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2009-09-17 16:38:29

I didn't think you'd have an NG page then I remembered, your as IMMATURE as the rest of us, Your machinimas are a bunch of c0ck jokes and swearing repeatadely


2009-09-18 18:46:43

good luck on the flash art


2009-10-14 22:16:10

<3 (No homo)


2009-10-17 08:55:39

Jon, you have a playstation 3? wtf. I thought in "Its a Wonderful Live" Dissed that console badly and ontop of that said it was mdeiocre. Odd but okay.


2009-10-25 19:19:29

Haha, lovin' the display pic, man. I'm sure you'll be rained on by annoying 13 year old kids on Newgrounds if you got rained on by them on YouTube. Good luck coping with it. ;)


2010-01-01 07:00:31

Wow, you're on NG too.


2010-01-09 19:10:10

I didn't know you have newgrounds! Maybe I should check your blog more often. Anyway, nice job! Keep up the good work.


2010-01-17 12:35:26

big fan of you vids. loved Boss Before the Final Boss. keep up your epix vidzzz


2010-05-03 22:18:07

:O omfg its John CJ Graham AKA digitalph33r!!!


2010-09-25 19:31:06

Big fan, big fan. Watched all your machinimas.


2010-09-28 01:35:43

wow is awesome known you are skilled on the flash animations LOL


2010-10-07 22:17:49

I never knew you had a NG profile. Looks like you're trying to master all types of fans.


2010-11-10 15:40:09

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /534416 Its a pretty sweet game called Super mario Crossover just thought u might be intrested.


2011-02-25 14:23:32

Oh hai DigitalQUEEERRR.


2011-04-04 10:00:48

Hey man! I love arby n the chief and I follow it on youtube. My favorite episodes so far have been, in this order "Digital Fruitcakes," "God's work" and "Night of the Evading Dead." I really like your camera work in Reach, especially the moment in night of the evading dead where Chief rises dramatically with a classic "No u!" in the helicopter.

Enough gushing though. I was wondering if you could upload the track used when arbiter faces the noobs, (I really like the use of the Conqueror instrument.) Thanks for reading.


2011-07-11 19:48:30

whats up with all of the dick pictures keep up with vagina and tit artwork it really helps ;)